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Atlanta Startup Weekend… Thoughts, Rants and a Call to Action

With Atlanta Startup Weekend behind us, I wanted to write a recap of my thoughts on the event. As always, the organizers did a wonderful job. Compared to previous weekends I’ve participated in, this event has come a long way.

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Purr Programming 2.0

Years ago when Extreme Programming was a new concept, a (now defunct) website posted an article about taking Extreme Programming to the next level by substituting a household cat for a dev pair. At that time I did all of

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Cookies with Goliath middleware

Goliath is a really quick multi-threaded web server.  Recently I was trying to set and retrieve a cookie for a authentication module I am writing in it.  So I googled,  tried Rack::Utilities.cookies etc..  Nothing worked. The solution (for me) In

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Angularjs versus Backbone

I recently needed to take a web application and turn it into a mobile app.  The app was relatively simple and wasn’t a good candidate for taking the extra time to create a native app.  So a PhoneGap’in I went.

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YAML Syck versus Psych in Rails 3 Madness

I recently had a need to dump a data structure to yaml so that a user can modify some data,  push the files up to a server and quickly bring them into an application.  One developer ran the data dump

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Not Invented Here

One thing that our industry comes across a lot is the decision that we all need to make about whether we build something or buy it.  As an engineer we always want to build something,  but sometimes we really need

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