Well-Crafted Software

CRAFTSMANSHIP_4-1024x768  At Polyglot Programming we take pride in our software. While the occasional prototype may need to use some throwaway non-tested code, we hold the majority of our projects to a higher standard. That means that we practice TDD by writing automated functional and integration tests for our software. If we are working with legacy code we always strive to leave it better than we found it. Our build processes are automated and we use continuous integration. We do this because well crafted software is more reliable and less expensive to maintain.

Constant Learning

Technology changes fast. New programming paradigms come along, new classes of technology are emerging, and new tools are developed. We are constantly learning new things by playing with the latest technologies, reading, and participating in the community to see that others are doing. Check out our blog to see what we are up to!

A Community of Professionals

No person is an island. This is why you will regularly find us at user groups and conferences. We share what we know and learn from others. The Ruby community has a term called MIDSWAN that is short for “Matz is Nice So We Are Nice”. We carry that philosophy with us in all tech communities we are part of.


Could our software cause someone to lose money, or could the failure of this system cause someone to lose their life? Some systems don’t need a lot of security and do not have dire consequences if they fail. Others do, and as professionals we hold ourselves accountable for the software we produce.

How Can We Help You?

Are you looking for a solid technical team do develop your MVP? Do you need to scale your app and want to make sure it is done right? Does your team need help with developing their automated unit testing skills? Do you need a team to come in and quickly solve hard problems? Contact us and let’s get the conversation started.