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Is Using Kotlin Today a Risky Move?

Recently, a blog post entitled “The Case Against Kotlin” was published on Medium. The title could have been more descriptive, and I appreciate that it doesn’t tout Kotlin as rainbows and unicorns, but it did bring up a few points

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Android Things with Raspberry Pi: Workshop Basics Part 2 (The Internet of Bling with the APA 102)

In the previous post, we talked about the basics of getting Android Things running on a device and connecting to it on a Pi. Now that it’s working, let’s do the traditional “Hello World” with some lights. We could use

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Purr Programming Shirt Part 4 — Adding Android Wear Support

In the first three parts of this series we discussed how to create a wearable garment (in our case, a t-shirt) with LEDs, how to connect it to an Android device using MetaWear, and how to make it change colors

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Purr Programming Shirt Part 3 – Changing Colors Based On Twitter Notifications

In the previous installment of this blog series, we talked about setting up a service to talk to the MetaWear board. In the app, we flash and change the colors of the LEDs on the t-shirt by sending broadcast intents

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Purr Programming Shirt Part 2 — Communicating with the MetaWear

In Part 1 of this series, we talked about the hardware for our Purr Programming t-shirt and how we connected all of the components. Now let’s talk about the Android app that controls the shirt’s LEDs. Our app has the

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Purr Programming Shirt Part 1 — The Hardware

If you’ve met the folks at Polyglot Programming, you know that we love cats, t-shirts, and wearables. Which is, of course, exactly why we recently came up with an idea to combine all three into a project. No, we didn’t

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Measuring Your Heart Rate on Android Using MetaWear

While the MbientLab MetaWear has a number of sensors built into the board, it also has the ability to interface with a host of analog sensors. With many wearable devices focusing on fitness, you might find yourself needing to integrate

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Logging Thermistor Data With The MetaWear

The MetaWear board allows you to easily create bluetooth enabled low power wearable devices. Unlike many solutions, as an Android developer you can write applications that program, and interact with the board using a API. We recently created an application

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Adding Gradients to Android Graphs with MPAndroidChart and DecoView

Recently, we worked on a project that required us to add graphs with gradients to an Android application. Below is an example of one such graph that we needed to create: There are lots of examples online that show how

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Interacting with the Android lifecycle in a Cordova Plugin

Anyone who’s attended one of my talks during the past year, knows that I love Mbientlab’s MetaWear boards. They’re great for prototyping wearables that offer rich APIs for Android and iOS. That said, when you’re prototyping a device, you may

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