Polyglot Programming believes in sharing its knowledge by being active in the development community at large. We are active in many user groups, Code Retreat, Ruby DCamp, Startup Weekend and volunteered at the first RailsBridge in Africa. We are also a co-organizer for Ruby DCamp ZA and Rubyfuza 2016, which will be held on February 4-5 in Cape Town, South Africa.

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Upcoming Talks

Andevcon – December 2015

Recent Presentations

Prototyping Wearables with Javascript and MetaWear (ConnectJS October 2015)

Prototyping Wearable Devices Using Javascript (All Things Open October 2015)

Wearables Workshop Notes (Andevcon July 2015)

Adventures in Federating Authorization and Authentication with OAuth (RailsConf April 2015)

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Federating OAuth in Ruby (Mobile Dev + Test San Diego April 2015)

Software Developer’s Guide to Prototyping Wearables (Wearable Tech Conference March 2015)

Using JS to Prototype for the Internet of Things (ConnectJS 2014)

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Charming Large Databases with Octopuses (Windy City Rails 2014)

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Developing Apps for Google Glass with Ruby and JavaScript (RubyNation 2014, Atlanta Ruby Users Group, All Things Open 2014)

Analytics for the Busy Ruby Developer (RubyConf Taiwan 2014)

Finding Things with Amazon Cloud Search and Active Asari (Atlanta Ruby Users Group)

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Developer Happiness with DbCharmer (Atlanta Ruby Users Group)

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D3.js Data Visualization (JSinSA 2013)

Using Apple’s Passbook with Ruby for Fun and Profit (iOSonRails 2013)

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Analyze This… Analytics Strategies for iOS and Rails Applications (iOSonRails 2013)

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Dynamic Routing with Circuit (Rubyfuza 2013)

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